Schimenti Strong

Where does strength come from? As any athlete knows, it doesn’t just happen. Strength only comes from work: from identifying and attacking weaknesses; from a rock-hard commitment to improve and grow; from repeated and exhaustive effort; from driving through challenges to become better than before.

In the world of retailers, the name Under Armour says “strong.” So when the sports apparel retailer built its 13,000-square-foot premium Brand House store in SOHO, it relied upon the proven strength of Schimenti Construction to get the job done right and on time.

Schimenti Strong means delivering intricate planning and steady oversight to manage complicated details and meet deadlines. The Brand House required an accelerated construction schedule, and thanks to our time-tested systems, skilled professionals, and tight coordination of vendors and subs, we met these demands within twelve weeks.

Schimenti Strong means knowing how to navigate the challenges of building in Manhattan and the boroughs. Our wealth of City-centered retail construction experience uniquely qualifies us to handle the regulations, utilities, traffic, tight quarters and inevitable surprises that come with working in the heart of New York City.

Finally, Schimenti Strong means being sensitive to the requirements of renovating historic sites, such as Under Armour’s cast-iron structure. There, we married legacy details with eye-catching design elements, such as a marquee video wall with more than two million LED fixtures, to create a dramatic, one-of-a-kind retail experience.

Expert planning, coordination and oversight … New York City know-how … sensitivity to history: that’s Schimenti Strong.

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