Schimenti Smart

In an economy that has put stress on even the most successful retailers, many of the leaders in the industry have turned to Schimenti Construction to creatively upgrade their stores as a way of improving sales and profits.

Our Customer Ready program has allowed major retailers to effectively and efficiently renovate their stores while maintaining customer traffic and sales, even in the most difficult situations.

We have instituted an intensive training program for our superintendents to skillfully and economically manage store remodels. It’s a different mind-set. We have to think differently in a remodel situation versus a new construction project. Working in an existing store sometimes requires night work, a new focus on cleanliness, superior planning and coordination with store operations staff, and putting the store back to together after every shift.

In addition, we always need to remember we are working in someone else’s “home.” It also means we have to rethink some basics such as creating new and creative ways to work in this environment.
We have also been very diligent in hiring the right subcontractors for our remodel projects. Finding subs who can work seamlessly in this environment is very important and they must be able to work well within our “customer ready” protocol.

Our years of experience working in demanding locations, and managing projects to avoid disrupting normal business patterns, provides our clients with a very smart way to upgrade their stores.

That’s Schimenti Smart.

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