Schimenti Sizzle

The best restaurants are known for their sizzle: they combine a lively, fast-paced environment with outstanding service and exacting standards of quality and creativity. Maybe that’s why leading fast-casual restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill has a thriving partnership with Schimenti Construction Company—we’re kindred spirits.

Restaurant construction requires a multitude of subcontractors and vendors to be at the job site while diverse systems are installed and new material is delivered. Because urban restaurant sites are typically small, the complexity of scheduling and maneuvering people and supplies on the site is greatly increased. But like a veteran maître d', Schimenti keeps all the moving pieces in synch.

Constructing restaurants in New York City, with its numerous special permits, regulations and inspections, can be difficult. We plan and complete complicated jobs on tight schedules, we place a premium on communication and service from start to finish, and we build to the highest quality standards while meeting stringent regulations. Our positive relationships with clients, subcontractors and vendors allow us to respond quickly and appropriately to the fast-paced demands of restaurant construction.

Since 2010, Schimenti has built more than two dozen Chipotle Mexican Grills in the New York metropolitan area and parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island. But that’s just the first course: Schimenti is already constructing multiple new Chipotle restaurants in the five City boroughs. For Schimenti, handling the complexity of restaurant construction in New York City is not merely today’s special—it’s an ongoing specialty.

That’s Schimenti Sizzle.

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